Collar Comeback ~ Gigi Blouse


It can’t go unnoticed that statement collars and bows are making their comeback; from oversized collared shirts to the ‘Peter Pan’ collars, fashion has blessed us with these statement pieces during the pandemic. Whilst this is arguably the recurrence of previous fashion trends for example the YSL pointed collar of the 1960’s or Princess Diana’s prairie collar – it is now being styled in a more contemporary way.


In light of this topic on collars, it would only be appropriate to mention our best-seller Gigi Blouse with its elegant, timeless style. It is the perfect item to use for day-to-day wear or even to dress up for an evening drinks party. Seeing as the broach is back in trend too this works gorgeously on the collar. Check out our shop to see the wider selection of colour options we have available!




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