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In a general working week, I always plan my outfits the night before. Taking a few extra minutes to do this before bed takes one more stress out of the next morning for me. I know some people can just wake up in the morning and throw something together but that’s never been something I could master! I’ve tried various methods of wardrobe organisation over the years but think I’ve got it down to the ideal layout for me.

I don’t segregate winter and summer wardrobes (living with London’s weather I’ve come to realise this is a lost cause!), but I do separate my holiday wear. Mostly I like to organise by item, with each item clearly defined in separate cupboards. Within each items (let’s say dresses for example) I sub-categorise (Short sleeved/long sleeved) and then further colour categorise.

With accessories I like to organise them into occasion. If I’m last-minute outfit planning for a party or event I like to have everything for similar events grouped together. After working in my shop (and generally shopping a lot) I’ve grown accustomed to the layout of retail stores and find browsing through my wardrobe similar to browsing the rails in my favourite stores.

Writing this down it seems a little regimented, but it really does make my life easier, and can be pretty satisfying when everything is in it’s right place!

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