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Career Tips | The Fashion Industry

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1. Know who your customers are and who you want to target
The primary aim of fashion brand should be to give my customers garments that they love. If you don't know exactly who they are and want they need then this task can become pretty difficult. Understanding your consumers lifestyle down to the finest details will help you to break down their needs and wants.

2. Never be afraid of competition - learn from it
While you should always be your own closest competitor, learning from others is a necessity. Seeing what has gone well or gone wrong for competitors helps you to grow, so always keep up to date with what your competitors are up to.

3. Always listen to advice
Even if you don't always take it, listening to peoples advice and looking at things from a different perspective is very important. It's easy to become completely wrapped up in our own view, especially when you are so passionate about your company, but don't forget to ask opinions and advice from others every now and then (even though you usually know best!)

4. You don’t have to follow fashion too closely - bring out your own ideas
In order to be successful in the fashion industry you need to offer something different. By all means keep in line with trends, but always put your own spin on it. Copying other brands and trends will not make you stand out from the crowd and get people talking about your brand.

5. Never be too greedy a small profit is still better than a loss
The fashion industry is a big and sometimes scary place, and sometimes things won't go as you hoped or expected. If you want your business to be a success, you need to believe in it and have a true and authentic passion for it. Your priority should be watching a company you created grow and prosper, at whatever pace that may be.

I wish all of your careers a long and healthy life!

Lalita x

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